Ready to Lose Weight & Keep It Off?

At Kitchener Hypnosis we understand the pain and hassle that can come from carrying around extra pounds. We know this can be both physically and emotionally exhausting and often comes with feelings of frustration, pain, embarrassment and often a sense of low self-esteem.

Being overweight can be emotionally draining and contributes to many health issues such as heart disease, heart attack, stroke, cancer, lack of sleep, back pain, diabetes and much more.


I am not only noticing weight loss happening much quicker and easily than I expected, I am also finding I am more calm! I have more energy and liveliness! I am down 22 pounds and it was easy!

Kitchener, ON
I am finding that I am drinking more and more water and finding strategies of making it easier every day. I am surprised how little I am craving junk food and when I do have a treat I am not tempted to gorge myself as I would have done in the past. I feel like the audios before bed really help me to relax and I am a lot less tense then I used to be. When I do need to find something "quick" to eat, I am making more consciously healthy choices.
Corrine K. - Administration
St. Jacobs, ON


Before starting this program I always felt tired and unmotivated. After coming here and learning new tips and tricks I am able to go through my day being happier and more organized! Drinking more water has allowed me to better control my binge eating and being more aware of my food.

Jasmine F.
Kitchener, ON
Science shows that using hypnosis for weight loss is proven to be a very effective way to alleviate the pain and hassle of excess weight. Using hypnosis for weight loss is very effective.

By using smart nutrition and healthy approaches to physical activity, we offer you a NEW WAY to get comfortable with losing weight safely and sensibly. At Kitchener Hypnosis, we believe the best way to help people manage their weight is in a healthy and sustainable way.


Thank you for voting us the Diamond Award Winner for both Weight Control Services and Holistic Health/Healing Services in the Waterloo Chronicle Readers’ Choice 2020 Awards! We appreciate the support and look forward to continuing to help those ready to make some positive changes get to their goals.

Do You . . .

  • Continue eating while full?
  • Eat for comfort or distraction?
  • Feel tired carrying around excess weight?
  • Prefer sweet or salty foods over healthy options?
  • Find it a chore to be physically active?
  • Feel you have tried diet after diet only to gain it back?

Our program is not based on deprivation diets or weigh-ins and we do not ask that you count calories. Instead, we teach you how to make changes both consciously and subconsciously so that you find yourself automatically eating in a healthier and more balanced way.

Our customized sessions help you make the decisions and take the actions required to achieve your weight loss success! We are confident that if you use this hypnosis weight loss approach, you can become part of the group of thousands of successful clients who have lost the weight and


Our Client Success Stories


*Eating Healthier Overall

*More Energy

*Slimmed Down in Upper Body

*I ask myself "how will this food feel in my body?"

*Firmer upper and lower body

*My inner struggle had drastically reduced

*I can easily ignore junk/sweet foods

*Feel way more confident about my future

*I feel my weight loss will be permanent

*I think like a thin person now!

Barb G.
Kitchener, ON


Four weeks in and things have changed dramatically. I now eat ony when I need to. I used to drink diet coke/pepsi - at least 1 litre ever day. Now I don't drink it at all. Before I hated exercising feeling depressed by going to a gym and being intimidated by all the "fit" people. Now I go to the outdoor gyms and I meet people - I watch what the "fit" people do and I know I'll get there. My mindset has changed and I feel better about myself, my relationships and where I'm headed. Adn this is only after 4 weeks.

Brenda Pearce
Kitchener, ON
When I started this program, I wasn't sure this would really work. I had tried so many diets, and nothing was lasting. Now 4 weeks later, I am working out 5-6 times a week and I have actually looked forward to it! I have not weighed myself since I've started but I've noticed my clothes are fitting better. I have received comments about how I am looking. I still have a bit to go to keep consistent with my water and food choices but I'm making more good decisions than wrong ones. I'm feeling more positive every week about my success. I'm going to hit my goal!
Roxanne L. - Business Owner
Kitchener, ON
Over the last few years I have found to be getting less and less active and of course more weight was piling on, sleepless nights, I just contributed it to menopause. So I tried a few different programs which cost $700 + a month, they worked as long as you stayed on their products. But once you stopped then the weight came back on and twice as much as I lost. Which contributed to more and more frustration and stress, which also contributed to more weight gain. So as I was flipping through facebook I came across an ad for Hypnosis and did not do much with it right away, until finally after sleepness nights as always thought what if this could help? So I reached out the next day and signed up for a consolation and I met with Brenda and after speaking with her and listening to the some Hypnosis tape thought this could be what I am looking for. I would wake up everynight and have to go to the bathroom so I decided I could not drink after supper anything or I would be up which resulted in less and less sleep. After starting the program by the second day of listening to the tapes I did not get up thought the night to go to the bathroom and I slept through the entire night. After 6 weeks I do not get up at all even after drinking a bottle of water before bed and I fall asleep shortly after listening to my tape at night. Win win for me!! As for weight loss well that has changed after listening to the tapes and learning how to change how I felt about myself and what I was doing wrong with eating. I did not eat enough and that was causing me to gain weight along with menopause. So I realized I needed to start being more active and eat more. And what a difference listening to the tapes daily, it changes how I feel about me as a person and how I viewed eating and in a new way. Brenda well what can I say, she is AMAZING and beyond supportive in every way possible. She meets with me weekly and if I need her she is always a phone call away. If it was not for Brenda and how I connected with her I may not have proceeded with this program, she is the reason I am where I am today in my thoughts and how I view things differently going forward. If anyone is ever thinking you can not rewire your brain, Brenda can do that for you by working with you and helping you see the benefit of standing up for yourself and saying I am worth it, I am amazing 🙂 This program is worth it's weight in gold and you will come out the other side a new and improved "you". Have a fantastic day
Kitchener, ON

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