Fears limit many people from enjoying their life & even from being able to perform day to day activities.

If you have these extreme fears or know someone who does you may know just how much they can affect their lives. Fears can be of almost anything! Fear of flying, fear of spiders or snakes, fear of elevators or fear of dentists are just to name a few. The person with the fear usually realizes in their minds that these fears are irrational but because these phobias probably started at a very young age they have a strong physical reaction that also reinforces the fear.

Although some phobias begin from an intense event, many form from the person picking up on others fears when they were a child, for instance, if a parent or older sibling were afraid of something the child may learn to also be afraid. Another way is when an unthreatening situation is amplified. For example, if a child watched a movie where there were monstrous snakes and never had this fear neutralized by a parent or a real life event the fear may get a stronger hold throughout the years.

My Name is Nikhil and I am 28 years old. I was in a bad situation of low self-esteem and low confidence which lead to social anxiety. I really wanted to change, and that’s how I reached here. Frank opened my eyes and his procedures helped to attain a relaxed feeling and confidence in what and who I am. Now Today, I have experienced how cool, and relax I can be when I am among others. I can sense other possible choices for my problems. Being comfortable with ourselves makes us comfortable with others, which helps to have different perspectives and helps in self-growth.
Nikhil H, Engineer
Kitchener, ON

Working through hypnosis for fears may help you to feel more neutral about the phobia by using different techniques that use your imagination. You may also learn ways to be more relaxed and in control of these feelings by working on your confidence. Helping you to see, feel and hear how you would rather handle the situations that trigger your fear and experiencing them in a more positive way.

When learning hypnosis for phobias it is important to remember that just like learning any new thing, it can take some repetition and practice though for some there can be an almost immediate positive shift in the way they see the fear that was holding them back.

If your fear is causing a negative effect in your life then it may be time to get help through hypnosis. Find out if you are a good candidate by booking a Free Screening Today!c

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