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Kitchener Hypnosis Centre offers custom programs for Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Self-Confidence and Improve Sports & Academic Performance, serving clients in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, ON. 

Our hypnosis programs help our clients with Stress Management, Pain Management, Relationship Counselling, and to Let Go of Fears.

At Kitchener Hypnosis, we aim to help people create positive changes in their lives by overcoming their own personal problems through hypnosis.

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Kitchener Hypnosis has helped me manage my stress and fears in a way that gives me responsibility and empowerment. I am accountable for my behavior and I do have choice! I now see that I can choose what to eat and how much I eat and when I eat. I now have HEALTHY strategies and relationships with food. I can rely on these strategies to manage my emotional eating and I rejoice in the strength I have found in my mind, body and spirit!
Sara Letourneau
Kitchener, ON

Our Client Success Stories

Thank You Kitchener Hypnosis!

I am seeing positive results in my business after my sessions with you. March is shaping-up to be a record month for me in sales and recruiting and we’re only half-way through the month. My mindset has changed and my self-imposed barriers to success are continually decreasing. You made me feel comfortable and confident quite quickly, in our online sessions and those feelings are permeating into all my work activities as well. I will be recommending you!

Sheryl Scott
Independent Associate & Small Business Specialist

6 Weeks of Hypnosis Therapy My Sleep has Greatly Improved!

I have suffered from insomnia for over 10 years and after 6 weeks of hypnosis therapy my sleep has greatly improved! I have also started meditating daily which has calmed my mind and body. I would highly recommend Kitchener Hypnosis!

Chris W.
Kitchener, ON

I Am Learning to Gain More Control

As a previous skeptic and someone who has tried every diet, diet pill and fast to lose weight, Kitchener Hypnosis has been my most favorite and memorable experience! I can confidently say that i am learning to gain more control of my thoughts. Since I have started hypnosis, I have had a lot less binging and disordered eating. I have more energy, I am moving more and I feel my clothes are fitting better. Kitchener Hypnosis taught me to work with my mindset. I am in the process of breaking destructive habits. I don't expect perfection and now minor setbacks don't set me back in a spiral. I highly recommend this process to anyone who is open and ready to take on this journey.

Alysha D.
Kitchener, ON

My Clothes Are Much More Comfortable

* I am no longer snacking in the evening unless it is a healthy snack.

* I am not craving chocolate or junk food anymore

* I have more energy and find that i am eating smaller portions and healthier foods.

* I also find that my clothes are now fitting better and are much comfortable

Mary H.
Kitchener, ON

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