Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits Using Hypnosis

We all have bad habits that we want to improve and chances are that these habits were formed from an early age. You may remember the exact moment these behaviours started or they may have started before you can even remember. You may have felt that you’ve always wanted to change them or you may have even got angry at yourself for not being able to use your will power to stop doing whatever it is that you want to change. 

The truth is that all behaviours are created initially for some purpose or secondary benefit. If you were able to put a benefit to your bad habit you may find that it actually was doing something for you, perhaps it was helping you to manage stress, avoid feeling overwhelmed or failure maybe it was helping you feel connected to others or feel a sense of control or self-worth

I Have Quit Biting My Nails! For as long as I can remember I would always bite my nails when I was stressed or bored. After listening to the audios and having tools in place using Hypnosis, I have noticed that I have stopped biting my nails! They are looking great and I even invested in having a manicure for the first time now that I know it’s not a waste of money. I feel more calm and easy going about the things going on in my life. It’s amazing to have people comment on my hands, something I used to be very embarrassed of in the past. Thank you!
Kitchener, ON

Our subconscious likes the known and the expected and because of this it will keep habits, even when they are harmful to our health, emotional well-being, self-image, relationships, and career etc. because they are familiar and have served some need in the past. This is where Hypnosis can help. Hypnosis allows clients to gain more awareness of what these habits were doing for them and helps them to develop new behaviours and patterns that are better and healthier. Giving the client back control over how they react to situations that used to trigger them and freeing them to choose their new reactions.

There are some things required in order for Hypnosis to work in helping to break bad habits 

a) The client needs to really want to make the changes 

b) Believe that change is possible and 

c) Do the work necessary to make these changes.

If you know that willpower just isn’t enough and are tired of feeling like your bad habits are controlling you, 

Hypnosis may be just the thing you need.

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I Am More Productive I came to get help with my procrastination, productivity and focus. I was putting things off at work and feeling guilty. I run my own business so knew I was missing out on a lot of financial gains having these behaviours. After doing my program I now see myself getting things done easily! My thoughts are less cluttered and I can have more fun with my family when I am home. My work and family life are so much easier and more enjoyable and I can see my productivity has increased tremendously!
Kitchener, ON
When I first came to Frank, I was frustrated with a lack of motivation for life (No Direction, just going through the motions, procrastinating). Today, I am confident, working through problems without the stress of procrastinating. I am taking challenges head-on and not putting things off or waiting until the last minute. Making and taking control of my decisions and directions in life
D. Brimson – Medical Sales
Kitchener, ON

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