Trouble sleeping affects not only your night but your day to day life as well. Those who have continuous restless nights usually find that their days are harder to get through physically and mentally. Some people have been struggling with sleep for so long that they cannot even remember the last restful night of sleep they have gotten and therefore cannot remember the last full day of energy they have had. Just like when we have a hurt foot and start to learn to walk differently to adapt to it, putting more weight on the other foot and strain on other body parts, the same can happen when we are not getting the rest we need, we learn to adapt. This can be with help from things like coffee or energy drinks to survive the day, however, whatever we do to keep going without sleep eventually catches up to us physically and/or mentally.

So how can Hypnosis help you get the rest you need to function at an optimal level? Firstly, all hypnosis is actually all self-hypnosis and we naturally go in and out of hypnosis throughout the day. For instance, have you ever been driving home only to pull into your driveway not remembering the last 10 minutes of the drive? This happens because consciously you were thinking about other things and your subconscious “took over” the drive to get you home, this is a hypnotic like state. Using hypnosis teaches you how to become deeply relaxed with a focused attention and a greater openness to suggestion. This helps bypass the critical factor in our minds that can create worries and stresses then allows the desired positive suggestions for rest, relaxation and calmness to be accepted easily by your subconscious mind.

By learning tools that you can use for yourself each night and proving to yourself that sleep CAN happen you may begin to go to bed each night expecting that you will have a good rest. In hypnosis, we have a belief that what is expected tends to be realized meaning that if you expect a good night’s sleep you are more likely to have one. This begins with having a way to calm your inner dialogue or “monkey brain” giving you an effective tool to use in getting that blissful rest you desire.