I Have a Fear of Elevators, Can Hypnosis Help? How?

Fear of elevators is just as real to the person who has this fear as someone being afraid of being physically attacked or any other intense fears people may have. To some this fear may seem irrational but most phobias and fears are, fear is not a rational emotion; it is meant to protect us, to keep us safe and for this reason it is an emotion much more powerful than the thoughts that are used to counteract it.

Using hypnosis when dealing with fears or phobias such as elevators, allows the person to be able to re-educate their subconscious in a way that helps them to respond to elevators with the same calmness that most other people do. Many people are surprised at the shifts they make easily and some may not even notice until they are physically on an elevator simply with no thought about it whatsoever.

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