I cannot stop my mind from racing, can hypnosis help?

Many of us have been there…. You start thinking about something like the groceries you need to get the next day and then all of a sudden you’re thinking about how whales discipline their kids or how so and so is doing from high school these days? And sleep or the moment of wherever you are just kind of disappears without you even knowing it. You may even have a love/hate feeling with sleep knowing that you are deprived of the feeling of rest and also knowing that the mind race will begin once your head hits the pillow. 

Sometimes these thoughts run in sequence or sometimes they may move randomly, maybe they are a voice you can’t ignore or just become background noise that is constantly disrupting and pulling your attention ever so subtly but always there draining you. If this is happening a lot it can really affect your day to day life, your relationships, your job and your overall quality of life. It can make you feel mentally and physically exhausted. 

So what do you do? How do you finally slow down your mind and give yourself some peace and quiet inside of your head? 

First of all, if you have concern there is a medical reason your mind is racing, you should always refer to your family physician. 

If there is no medical concern Hypnosis may be able to help you easier than you think. 

Using Hypnosis can help people learn to focus and slow their thoughts by using a variety of tools and techniques. Some tools may be done quickly within their daily life, for example, breathing techniques. Other tools may take more time and focus, for example, visualization exercises. Using Hypnosis often helps people in finding resourceful states of mind and then helps them to access the sights, feelings or what they may hear that help to bring them to this useful state of mind whenever needed. Hypnosis does this by recognizing old behaviours that are no longer useful and then helps in setting up new patterns for dealing with stresses as they come, letting the person have more focus, clarity and relaxation. If you are ready to have a calmer mind more often, Hypnosis may be the answer you have been looking for in making changes you need to enjoy each moment and find peace of mind simply and easily each day.

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