How To Get Out Of The Excuse And Achieve with Hypnosis

Defending The Problem:

Have you ever felt the desire to make positive changes in your life, only to be hindered by a flood of excuses? Overcoming such obstacles can be stressful, especially when it comes to areas like weight loss. In this article, we’ll explore how hypnosis can be a powerful tool to break free from self-sabotaging behaviors and achieve your health and wellness goals.

It’s not uncommon to encounter obstacles on the path to positive change. These challenges often manifest as excuses, preventing us from taking the necessary steps toward a healthier lifestyle. One such scenario involves a client on a weight loss journey who repeatedly postponed sessions with excuses, raising questions about the impact on their progress.

Understanding Your Behavior:

Realize that the behavior is toxic, but the intention behind it is often positive. Just like gossiping fulfills a need for connection or validation, avoiding weight loss sessions might serve a positive purpose for the individual. It could be a defense mechanism to avoid disappointment or judgment, rooted in past experiences.

Acknowledging Positive Intentions:

Upon the client’s return, it became apparent that the excuses were a shield against shame and perceived failure. Through self-hypnosis and introspection, the client recognized that these reactions were learned in childhood and no longer served her as an adult. Embracing maturity, she let go of the fear of disappointment and engaged in self-discovery, resulting in a renewed commitment and significant weight loss.

Learning from Experience:

Consider the excuses you make for not chasing the positive changes in your life. At what age do you feel when you don’t want to change? Would it be possible that you simply learned this behavior as a response in life at that moment? Imagine looking back armed with the knowledge you possess now and using it as an opportunity to design your future. Mature resources can replace outdated coping mechanisms, paving the way for personal growth and success.

Practical Tip:

When feeling low energy or stuck in excuses, take a step back and ask yourself four crucial questions:

Did I have a good meal today?

Check with yourself, you might have forgotten to eat

Did I sleep well the night before?

Not having a good night’s rest puts strain on our mind.

Did I move my body today?

Moving your body or exercising is a great way to interrupt your thoughts

Did I make a connection with someone?

Having a simple conversation with a friend, partner, or stranger gets you out of your head

Answering ‘yes’ to these questions ensures your basic needs are met, freeing you to make better decisions. This self-awareness can interrupt negative thought patterns and contribute to a more positive mindset.

How does hypnosis fit into this?

With Hypnosis you can take this one step further and be confident in coming to a single-minded decision and just simply take the actions today to make it happen and end that frustrating debate.

I was frustrated with lack of motivation for life (No direction, just going through the motions, procrastinating). I am taking challenges head on and not putting things off or waiting until the last minute. – D. Brimson

If you’re ready to eliminate excuses and take decisive action towards changing these outdated habits, consider the transformative power of hypnosis. Kitchener Hypnosis offers a FREE 30-minute Hypnotic Screening that is both fun and informative. Take control of your journey, call us at 548-255-0073 or visit our website The choice to embrace positive change is yours.

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