Can Hypnosis Help Me Get My Confidence Back?

Maybe it’s when we are starting a new job or a new role in our careers, perhaps we are in a new relationship or have moved to a new place where we don’t know anyone. Sometimes we may have no actual reason we can pinpoint and just feel a sense of doubt in ourselves and our abilities. Whatever the cause whether we know it consciously or not, having a lack of confidence can really affect our lives not only in specific areas but can even start seeping into other/all areas of our lives making us fear that we will always be stuck with this worrying feeling.

There was once a client at our clinic who was a professional speaker and mentor for a company, this woman loved her job and had been doing this role for about 12 years without any worries of doing a poor job, she never lacked confidence and always had fun with her speaking events until one day she was standing at the side of the stage waiting to be introduced and a huge paralyzing fear came over her. She could barely breathe and started to sweat, she began to think “Is this a heart attack? A panic attack? How am I going to go out there?” Fortunately, she was able to do some breathing techniques she had learned and calm herself enough to get through her speech. She felt nervous about the feeling coming back the entire time though no one else knew there was anything wrong.

This unexpected experience then caused this client to become very hesitant about doing further speaking events and then this feeling started to overflow into her daily interactions, her mind constantly going back to that fear she felt and causing the worry to be the only thing she could think of. Her business began to suffer as did her homelife as she became consumed with this thought… Was her confidence gone forever?

After coming to the clinic and a few sessions later she was able to find the root of the initial experience. We found that this client had been in a car accident about a month before the event that began this downward spiral. This accident was not her fault and no one had sustained any injuries so the client did not think any lingering effects had stayed with her. At first this client didn’t even mention the accident until asked to explain the sensation of the feeling she felt at the event, only then did she see that the same feeling she had then was how she felt in the fleeting moments that the car accident was happening. With this new information we were able to help her process the feelings of the accident and find healthy ways for this client to accept where she has control and the areas where she does not. This client was able to feel truly good about this truth and able to get back on stage as an even better presenter!

If this client had given up thinking that she had lost her confidence never to be found again she would have risked losing something that wasn’t just her income but also something she loved doing. Using Hypnosis, this client was able to avoid such an unfortunate outcome.

This is just one example of how Hypnosis can help people either regain their confidence or find their confidence for perhaps the first time! We are all very good at telling ourselves stories that are not necessarily true especially when it comes to our fears. Stories that can make these fears bigger and scarier and of course these can be exaggerated even more when triggered by an event. Hypnosis can help you to be able to take a step back and see the bigger picture of the outcome you desire and reframe any known or unknown aspects that are limiting you from getting there. Imagine if your fear was only used if an actual physical threat was happening. How much more free would you be to take the actions in your life? How amazing would it be to know that even if you did have moments of self doubt that you could easily find your way back to that solid feeling faster each time? Would you want to find a way to do this? Or would you choose to stay paralyzed with fear? Now you know that there is a choice, it can be easy to take that first step.

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